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Manitoba Farm Women's Scholarship

The Scholarship was made possible as a result of a donation made on behalf of the Manitoba Farm Women's Conference held annually in November.

The Scholarship is being administered by the Red River Exhibition Foundation Inc., and may be used for assistance with tuition fees, tools or learning aides in conjunction with post secondary education by a female rural Manitoba student who will be studying agriculture or any field that supports rural life.

The value of the Scholarship is $500.00.

For information contact the Red River Exhibition Foundation:

**To learn more or to apply for the scholarship, click here to go to the scholarship application page...



2019 Scholarship Winner: Cayla Pow

According to Cayla Pow, beef farming is her life. She loves it and lives for it. 

Her family has owned a farm for her entire life. Cayla recognizes that beef cows

are often both frustration and exhausting, but in a way, refreshing! She says that

you always have to be on your toes or you never know when you could get trampled!

As a youngster, when Cayla's friends would ask her to get together, she would often tell

them she was busy, even if she wasn't, just so she could continue to work on the farm. She loved it that much. She is looking forward to pursuing her  love of farming even further as she attends the Animal Science program at Lakeland College. She is a volunteer at the curling rink where she works in the canteen and helps out at community events, often serving and cleaning up in the kitchen. Carol Dalgarno MFWC committee presenting Cayla her scholarship.  

2018 Scholarship Winner: Kate Le Texier from Fisher Branch

I grew up on a grain and forage seed farm near Fisher Branch, Manitoba. I am currently

in my second year of studying Human Nutritional Sciences at the University of Manitoba.

This summer I'm working at an agricultural research centre doing plot research on various

crops such as wheat, soybeans, quinoa and peas. After finishing my exams this spring, I

was able to purchase 8 chickens and refurbish the old coop on our farm, where they are

happily laying. I’m grateful for my rural upbringing and the knowledge and life skills it

has given me. I hope to be able to return to a rural community to work once I have

completed my schooling.

2017 there was no winner. 

2016 Scholarship Winner: Sarah Holtmann from Rosser


Sarah looks forward to her future knowing that agriculture and business will both play important roles. Being a successful woman in business is a strong example to set for other young women. This is something Sarah hopes to achieve as she embarks on her own career in business by obtaining a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Manitoba. After gaining some important experience elsewhere, Sarah expects that she will return to her family’s farm to either help manage various aspects of their business or start a new venture alongside the operation that is already in place. Business management has always been a strong skill of hers in addition to creativity, leadership and working in a team. In 2013, she started her own knitted accessories business called “Prairie Treasures”.

2015 Scholarship Winner:  Carrie Bannister from Lockport

I live and work on our dairy farm, which my family emigrated to, from Europe, 20 years ago. I am the youngest of 3 girls.  I have a horse named Drake which I trail ride and rodeo.  At the rodeo we do barrel racing and goat tying. I was an active member of several 4 H Equine clubs, totaling 8 years.  Curling has been a long standing passion of mine.  There have been several highlights.  My school team played at Provincials in 2013.  This year my school team was lucky enough to go to The Grand Slam of Curling and be coached by the Norwegian men’s team.  Also this year I was on the Petersfield Women’s team that went on to represent The Interlake at Provincials.  Rugby is another sport I like to play.  Our School team made it to Provincials in 2013.  Unfortunately this year’s season turned out to be a bit short for me, when I broke my wrist in the first game.  I am looking forward to attending The University of Manitoba in the Fall where I will be taking my first steps towards a Degree in Agriculture and a career as an Animal Nutritionist.

2014 Scholarship Winner:
Sheena Meggison from Goodlands

My name is Sheena Meggison, I am from a mixed, grain and cattle farm in the southwest corner of Manitoba. I am the fifth generation to live on my home farm and along with my four younger siblings, I have learned many important skills living on the farm. Music is a very important part of my life, I took piano lessons for 15 years and performed both vocal and piano, solos and group numbers at the local festival. I taught three beginner students piano lessons during my Grade 12 year in high school and enjoyed helping them to learn. I played volley ball on the senior girls team all through highschool as well as playing Softball on the community girls team. I was a member of the Goodlands Variety 4-H club for eight years holding club treasurer and secretary positions. I am now a first year Agriculture Diploma student at the University of Manitoba having lots of fun, learning a lot and making new friends.

2013 Scholarship Winner
Cassie Ross from Minnedosa

I was raised on a beef farm north of Minnedosa and this is where I developed a passion for Agriculture. After completely high school in Minnedosa where I was a member of the soccer, cross country, basketball, female hockey, and track and field teams as well as Co-President of the Student Council and an active member of 4-H for ten years, I attended the University of Manitoba in the University 1 program. By the second semester of this first year, I realized that my passion for agriculture is something that I wanted to pursue as a career. I am now in my second year at the University of Manitoba and am pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness. I still stay involved in different clubs, I am a member of the Stockman’s Club, Agribusiness Students’ Association and the Faculty of Agriculture Students’ Organization. Sports are something else that I have continued to participate in, I play on an Agriculture student’s female hockey team and on an indoor soccer team in the Winnipeg Women’s League. I love what I have chosen to study in school, the Agriculture program is one that I would strongly recommend to anyone, and I can’t wait to see where it will take me in the future.